We offer a hand picked selection of classic imported marble, in a variety of natural patterns and veins.

Marble is a metamorphic stone composed of calcite, and is formed as a result of the recrystallisation of limestone under the intense pressure and heat of geological processes. Able to take a very high polish, it is a very popular choice for architectural and sculptural applications. The limited porosity of marble, especially when polished, makes it less vulnerable to the leaching effects of water.
The main advantage of using marble as a flooring option is the aesthetically beautiful patterns it can create. Walk into a space where marble is used, and you will be met with a sense of history, opulence and grandeur. Marble is also ideal for vanity tops in bathrooms

If you are looking at increasing the value of your home, then having marble flooring is an excellent recommendation.

It certainly adds an elegant classiness to any residence. From a design perspective, it will also not date easily.

This is especially evident in Europe where it is often the material of choice for architects and interior designers in their corporate and residential spaces.